Function/Form: Brad’s Geekhouse Polo Bike

photo courtesy of urban velo

The 2011 NAHBS is finally coming to a fiery conclusion with bikes going home to customers and builders packing up their booths and heading home. In the sea of sharply filed lugs, smooth brazes and gorgeous componentry, perhaps the biggest sleeper is Brad from Urban Velo’s custom Geekhouse polo bike.

photo courtesy of urban velo

photo courtesy of Geekhouse Bikes

Hardcourt bike polo is rapidly growing particularly in urban areas, but products devoted specifically to the sport have not yet reached a point of full product development. The upside is that the raw, DIY nature of the sport shines through. Everyone has a method of making wheel covers, and I’ve seen polo shafts hewn from golf clubs and ski poles.

In this creative expanse, Marty at Geekhouse has created a humble but finely tuned instrument. Interchangeable front and rear wheels lets you keep on trucking if the front is busted. Dual disc brakes with brazed and painted rotor guards. S&S couplers for portability and a black and yellow paintjob cause you know where its from….

photo courtesy of John Watson

No excess, no fanciness, just business. Form follows function. Beautiful bike, and of course, always hand-made in the USA.

For more shots of this polo bike, visit the Geekhouse Flickr, Urban Velo, and Prolly is not Probably.


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