Odd future for Odd Future

photo courtesy of Michelle Peña

If you’ve been rooting for Odd Future’s recent come up, then you, like us at Ennui, are big fans of fresh approaches to anything, especially hip hop. Spearheading the advance is native LA rapper/producer Tyler the Creator, whos balls-out video for Yonkers has made more than a few rotations in the electronic world. Honestly though all these kids kill on the mic.
It’s like an eerie rawness, kind of reminiscent of that Stress music video. Make no mistake, these kids are crazy motherfuc*ers but their flow is a breeze of fresh air in the genre.
Nonlinear song structures, super thick instrumentals combined with drug cocktails and HD video just takes this production to the next level. Because OFWGKTA is keeping production and recording in-crew, which only helps them to keep their creativity and minds unhinged. Or so we can only hope.
Not only that, but they are working that crowd to death. I’m diggin this, once in a while everything just needs to be on its head.
Keep tabs on their tumblr and twitter, these guys are constantly dropping tracks and videos.

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