Something about being young and dumb.

Image Source: Jason Roque



URL migration

So we finally put that bluehost URL to use, we’re now at Update your RSS feeds, and again we welcome all photos, stories and words.

Martha Cooper speaks on Art in the Streets

VNA got bumped into graffiti photographer, documenter and bonafide badass Martha Cooper on the set of Art in the Streets. Some pretty interesting thoughts, and kind of putting a voice to a name, which is always welcome. Something about sunny LA brings out the best and brightest in people.

You should also check out Very Nearly Almost, some constructive reporting and web curation, along with inside looks and just great personality behind the project.

Saber’s American Graffiti Flags

Arrested Motion once again managed to penetrate the inner sanctum of a seminal graffiti and fine artist, this time as SABER is gearing up for his solo show entitled The American Graffiti Artist. These reinterpretations of Flag, a piece created as a political statement in support of healthcare reform, are once again reimagined with drawn from graphical elements of LA graff.

It’s interesting to see that from the appropriation of a national image, these works are suddenly very geographically and art-historically situated. Once again, we are seeing that encroachment of graff into a new setting and with it, the shedding of old meaning and adoption of new symbology.

Photo Source: Arrested Motion

Mash’s Twin Peaks Time Trial Documentation

The newly dubbed fixed gear shop owners MASH put on the Twin Peaks Time Trial ostensibly to celebrate the opening of their new storefront, and also to just go all out. Remember when alleycat grand prizes were messenger bags and t-shirts? This backyard race put up $500 for first fixed AND geared. Check out more at Pamela’s Flickr Set.

source: Pamela Palma

A nod to a momentous day

We’ll try and keep this as bi-partisan as possible, but being in DC means you’re inevitably going to get caught into a few political mobs one or way or the other. Just goes to show you the symbolic power of a created hero and villain, and the ultimate importance of individuals, really. In this case, not only a psychological conclusion to many open questions, but also a turning point with the 2012 elections looming overhead.

Anyway, here’s Banky’s Towel-a-ban hiding in atop the Marin Headlands.

Photo source: Kanaka Menehune

A Q&A with 3 Studio

After we peeped 3 Studio’s acrylic and multimedia creations, we managed to get in touch with them for a little long distance Q&A. Short, and sweet, a nice light read for a late Sunday night, but some stuff to muse about. Again, we try and reserve Q&A’s for individuals, collectives and projects that are on the come-up. In this case, 3 Studio represents a pursuit in the direction of Japanese contemporary art, both as it stands after a horrendous national disaster, but also as more and more of a Japanese contemporary art scene is developed. Grab a drink, and have a quick read of this Q&A we did with 3 Studio.