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Belated Push: Soulful’s Mambo Sauce and Drumbreaks

Sorry guys we’ve been kind of on a journey of self-discovery over the last few days… not really, but we did take a little break. Let’s start off Sunday right with a little early afternoon belated push of one of DC’s (Alexandria, specifically) premier producers Soulful! His newest release, Mambo Sauce and Drumbreaks, off of InnerLoop Records is a really tightly cut, locally-brewed instrumental album featuring some of the area’s best and brightest, including K-Beta, IhsAn Bilal, XO and others. So soulful.

We really dig this record. Mellow Life was already an instant hit, and this innately DC-inspired amalgam takes those killer hooks and basslines to the next level. Once again, Soulful’s mastery of drumbreaks and local colloboration really launch this album into the stratosphere. While not as a sample heavy as Mellow Life, Mambo Sauce really shows a progression in sound, and we guarantee you’ll be bumping this album just in time for spring and summer.

Soulful! and Inner Loop killin em with this. Download it for free here, and don’t forget to check out a classic, the Mellow Life.


Local Push: Kastro Beatz

Last night we rolled through to ElefantEar‘s converted studio once again to chill and jam with these rad kids. Lo and behold, they were just wrapping up a little session with this dope local producer Kastro Beatz.

Kastro Beatz

This is a super chill guy, but constantly producing and experimenting with his own sound, something we love to see as documenters. Makes it interesting I guess… Anyway this morning Kastro surprised us with a little sneak peek that we took the chance to throw up on Vimeo. Check out a little Ennui exclusive, courtesy of Kastro Beatz and Clientele Music:

This is dope man. Thick, heavy with a really strong house/DnB influence. We’ll be keeping with this cat in the future, and be sure to hit him up if your bars are looking for some local flavor.

ElefantEar sound session

Nick and Yohan of ElefantEar

Our neighbors across the hall are actually the artists  and brains behind the  illustrious ElefantEar productions. This Friday we got a few snaps of them in the studio while we were kickin back a few with Yohan, Nick and Wes.

Nick’s organ

Ceremonial headdress

Yohan on the mic

This is that DIY spirit you forget about sometimes. Not only trying new combinations of instrumentation but still recording and putting out free music. This trio is churning out some cross-genre fire with their double acoustic, organ setup  on top of their usual hip hop/electronica and R&B repertoire. We’ll get some footage soon, but in the meantime hit up ElefantEar for some tracks to really cruise to.

Comin’ Home

Ennui is hoping on a plane in a couple of hours back to the city of broken promises and disgusting jumbo slice. This past week has been torture without our regular photologs, and in the next month or two we hope to be moving to another site location, another blog reformatting, and a few other infrastructure updates. Expect reviews, columns, interviews and great content in the near future, including a little sneak peek with some local artists, some bike related content and as always, a shitload of new original photos to pore over.

Later in the day– Throw Up Thursday Part 2, and an Interview with Chill Mega Chill Records. Get ready.

Ennui Interviews Brothers from Another

These two young bucks from Seattle are already making waves in the west coast with a chill demeanor but some hard-ass rhymes and tracks. Cruise to this for a second:

Ennui had the honor to talk to Isaiah and Cole a few days ago, and we asked them a few questions about moving up, their plans and the Seattle hip-hop scene. Some chill kids for real!

SXSW Undercurrents: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

source: SXSW

The thing we love about SXSW is being able to see dope new acts not only lay it down in front of large audiences but also foreign artists bringing their live sets to a mostly American crowd. Orlando Higginbottom, an Oxford, UK native, is the one man act behind Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, that he has described as “just dance music.”

This track Garden is not only some totally groovy shit, it’s got some crazy time shifts and cross genre elements within it. This isn’t your classic indie electro-dance, but rather a huge fusion of various genres from classical to house and minimalist. Not to mention these live sets are supposed to be legendary.

Check out this crazy DIY mindmelter, Ducks.

T.E.E.D. will be playing with Darwin Deez at Latitude 30 on March 15, 2011 at 1:00AM. Drop some acid and go!

Preview: The Art of AOK

You might remember a little teaser from a couple of days ago, and also our banner from Ennui v.1. Soon as we get the cameraman back in town, we’ll sit down with AOK for a little glimpse into color, texture and form with this crazy mfer. Outside of this kid’s house are gallons of house paint…