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Vandalog’s review of Art in Streets

source: RJ Rushmore

Vandalog, run by RJ Rushmore, posted this review of Art in the Streets yesterday. Here’s an excerpt about AITS curator Jeff Deitch and the position he was in regarding Katsu and Blu’s mural, two pieces that were buffed despite seemingly falling firmly under the practical manifestation of this show:

And just this past week, Deitch’s inability to publicly defend and embrace illegal street art being committed near the museum has been laughable and depressing. Critics of the show are right to point out the hypocrisy of his position on the legitimacy of street art being produced today versus that of a few years ago. But just like it is the critics’ job to point out that hypocrisy, it is Deitch’s job to say politically wise things to reporters…

This piece is definitely food for thought, as much as people can enjoy street art in a vacuum, with Art in the Streets being wildly successful we have to look at the monetary and political ramifications of an underground medium now reaching to the mainstream. Via Vandalog.