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Three Studios: Superflat

Source: ThreeStudio

Man, we were hunting for weeks for some good new Superflat works, and lo and behold, all that Tumblr surfing and tag-searching yielded Three Studios out of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, along with these works composed of melted vinyl Japanese figurines. The above work was on display at Pulse Miami this year along with the following recon from It’s Nice That:

…  a ‘painting’ made by melting hundreds of cute manga plastic dolls into a pool of marbled color. I love how cute and horrible this artwork seems at the same time. In this piece there are some circle shapes where the dolls didn’t melt, revealing plastic faces and limbs squished together. It was by artist collective ‘3’ and exhibited by Megumi Ogita Gallery from Tokyo. The gallerist told me they only melt ‘cute girl’ dolls. (source: It’s Nice That)

Check out these newest pieces, peeped on the Three Studios Tumblr:

Source: ThreeStudio

Source: ThreeStudio

At the risk of completely missing the themes behind these works, it’s great to see the Superflat influences in these works, particularly as commenting on the conglomeration/biological nature of breaking apart animated vinyl characters.

The implementation is really well done. Totally digging these works. Now if only we knew enough Japanese for a little liaison with Three Studios