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Revok’s Art in the Streets web curation

source: Revok1

The beef that people have toward art blogging is often not adding value to the actual works produced by the artist. However, the reason that Ennui covers Art in the Streets, at least through Internet curation and telling you about who to hit for what kind of perspective,is to bring the jumbled, often enclaved curatorial style of art’s in-crowd, like Art in the Streets curators Jeffrey Deitsch, Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose in sharper focus, especially for readers wanting to see the significance, not just exhibit shots or production videos.

And don’t get us wrong, no disrespect to Deitsch and company for their awesome, awesome contribution to this genre and setting, but art that was borne from bystander fascination and cover of night deserves to be covered by every outlet, in whatever way possible. In this case, check out LA graff legend and blu collar self-starter Revok1‘s own curation of Art in the Streets coverage.

source: Revok1
source: Revok1
source: Revok1

Wow, that last one is LA at its finest. Revok‘s selections of photos in that post definitely lean more toward LA’s graff inspirations, as those works are closest to the heart of the writer’s career and style. From Revok1:

Here are a few photos from the incredibly overwhelming experience that is ART IN THE STREETS…

Some photos stolen from OS GEMEOS and ARRESTED MOTION

More photos soon when I get the chance to sit down at a computer and upload my own…

As we sift through the thousands of photos swamping the Internet right now, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the unique perspectives that the artists and documenters are presenting at this show.


The History of Graffiti Interview… presented by PBS

source: PBS video

PBS news gets the scoop on all of us with this this interview piece starring Caleb Neelon and Roger Gastman, as they give us a little perspective on the history of graff, from geography, to demography and a little psychology behind graffiti through the ages. Graffiti is the Rock n’ Roll of Visual Art (Neelon).

source: PBS

Kilroy is the best example of how the art form moves with history, in this case, a Boston-based throw-up that was carried around the world, post World War II. A lot of books at taken a bite out of this [graffiti history], we basically tried to swing as hard as we could. (Gastman)

Source: PBS

Yo, this is graff documentation at its best, covered by public broadcasting, and casting as wide a net as possible. Although writers, commentators and city cleaning crews will harp for days about what the genre means for writers, but this doc shows that spirit that we were all once captivated by.Whether it’s making it to a gallery, or just putting your name in as many places as possible. …paint more trains, paint more walls, paint more freeway signs, everyone has a reason. (Gastman)

These guys are spitting some truth. If you’re committed to the form, then go all out. Anyway, check the video here, and also pick up The History of American Graffiti next time you’re hunting for deals at a defunct Borders.