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Invader @ MOCA via Hypebeast

Hypebeast has been killin it with some great compiled and self-taken photodocs on specific artists featured in Moca’s Art in the Streets. These photos really capture the single artist view rather than focusing on full exhibit shots. These are all names and “legends” that we’ve seen emerge into mainstream prominence in the past 5-6 years. In this case, Invader, via Hypebeast:

source: hypebeast

source: hypebeast

The isolation of these pieces on white walls is really kind of unusual to see, but it’s always good that the artist is appropriating new ideas and progressing. This time bringing the old-school hand pointer icon, and isolating individual invaders without their usual linoleum backdrops.

source: hypebeast

Loving the placement on this. Honestly we’ve been impressed with the layout of the exhibit, at least from a bystander’s perspective. Check out Hypebeast constantly for new artist profile updates at Art in the Streets.


Art in the Streets via Geffen’s Cameras

We wish this was just a little longer or got a few more shots in, but the idea is pretty cool, especially with Art in the Streets reaching critical mass in the last couple of days. Getting an inside view really shows how differently writers and artists approached their respective “walls,” this time, tailored for a gallery setting. Check it out here:

From Juxtapoz:

There was a lot of secrecy involved in the preparation of MOCA’s “Art In the Streets” exhibition. We are quite sure if you were an artist in the show, your mother couldn’t come see what you were doing until the press preview. That said, it also provided an opportunity for those setting up the entire show and documenting it to have a bit of fun, and MOCA created a film using the Geffen’s security cameras.

Art in the Streets is going to be riot, so as remote viewers and curators we’ll keep an eye peeled for interesting bits and pieces around the show, and leave the actual coverage to the local and embedded sources.

LA Times interviews: Chaz Bojórquez, Risk and Craig Stecyk

LA Times dropped three dope biopic interviews on us with Chaz Bojórquez, Risk and Craig Stecyk, all pioneers in their own right, as a wind-up for Moca’s Art in the Streets opening this week. The problem that sometimes comes out of larger outlets covering sub-genres or artists is asking the wrong questions, however, LA Times seems to have their method down.

source: LA Times

From the LA Times article:

“This is not just a big street-art free-for-all,” adds the museum’s director, Jeffrey Deitch. “We are trying to see its history through a critical framework and identify where the innovations occur: the invention of Wild Style [graffiti] in New York, its adaptation in L.A. and the innovations in cholo graffiti and skateboard culture in L.A.”

source: LA Times

We’re diggin’ these interviews: timely, on point and covers cultural aspects that outsiders might not understand or have heard of. Obviously graff has a lot of demographic and geographic influences, and Art in the Streets will hopefully focus on that squarely in its exhibition and curation.

Man, wish we were in LA right now.