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Michelle Peterson-Albandoz’s Revive

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz‘s solo exhibition at Long View Gallery in DC is preparing to open on March 31st, and we managed to get a little ground recon before the storm hit this afternoon.

Peterson-Albandoz uses reclaimed wood from empty lots, urban areas, shopping centers etc., that still has its wear and color residue to create these large scale mosaics, yielding some really interesting textural and directional overlays. Check out some closeups:

Peterson-Albandoz uses very little naming and titling for these pieces, and with the exhibit entitled Revive, we can guess that she’s concentrating on the objective nature of her art medium.

While using reclaimed wood is nothing too new, the arrangements and composition are very well structured and intricate, with very explicit selections of color, size and topography.

Long View Gallery is a good setting for this collection. Although the gallery doesn’t really step out of its bounds from traditional paint or mixed medium, the area is spacious enough to fully enjoy each piece from a distance, noting specifically its larger thematic directions.

The only beef? Lighting. Overly dim in some areas, and combined with the industrial/raw decor, seems a bit overwrought or overdone. Anyway, really enjoyable show, and if you’re in the area, check it out. Hit up the Tumblr for a few more pics.

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz @ Long View Gallery
March 31- May 1
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 31 6:30- 8:30PM