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Mash’s Twin Peaks Time Trial Documentation

The newly dubbed fixed gear shop owners MASH put on the Twin Peaks Time Trial ostensibly to celebrate the opening of their new storefront, and also to just go all out. Remember when alleycat grand prizes were messenger bags and t-shirts? This backyard race put up $500 for first fixed AND geared. Check out more at Pamela’s Flickr Set.

source: Pamela Palma


MASH SF: Details from 773 14th St.

This has probably been in the makings for a while, but we kinda caught on to this a few months ago. These guys are about as OG as you can get in the fixed gear world, not only progressing to national tours and now shop openings, but maintaining the same good branding and production all along the way. That means when it comes time to transfer to a storefront, you have a huge offering of kits, clothing, frames, prints and art ready to go. We are excited as hell to see some shots coming out of this San Francisco shop.

photo sources: Mash SF