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Does: Between the Lines Preview via Carl Allison

DOES (interviewed) just put us on to a promo shot by Carl Allison for his newest show Between the Lines opening at Rancho Notorious on the 14th. Really dope video, and a preview style that you normally don’t see for gallery openings:

Again, check out Digitaldoes for more information, and also a nice interview by Australia-based graff blog Invurt.

DOES, on his grind and keeping the works fresh, that’s what we like to see.


DOES’ Between the Lines previews

DOES (Interview), once again dropping these teasers on us for new works featured in his upcoming show at Rancho Notorious, entitled Between the Lines.

We are really diggin’ these works. Oftentimes you will find street artists and writers changing up their gallery style from their street style, but DOES is really staying true to his original roots, with a heavy emphasis on letterform and works that can be translated from wall to canvas. Really lovin’ the style and flow, but that’s without question. Stay up on new media and previews via Facebook.

Does Solo Show: I Love Letters

Source: DigitalDoes

The Ironlak crew out of Australia always has some next-level pieces, not to mention some beautiful photography and videos to accompany the experience. We’ve been telling you over and over to get on Flickr and add Ironlak as a contact because you can catch crazy previews like these:

Source: DigitalDoes

These guys absolutely destroy. Their letter forms, while fluid and ever-changing, still remain idiosyncratic (Especially Askew and Pose, who are really diverging into other media and getting picked up by a lot of stateside sources). Does is no exception with some superb wall to canvas translations of his typical styles.

I Love Letters is Does‘ solo opening on March 10, 2011 at the Lo-Fi Gallery in Syndey, Australia. A bit of hike I know, but wish we could get some live coverage…

Source: DigitalDoes