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LA Times interviews: Chaz Bojórquez, Risk and Craig Stecyk

LA Times dropped three dope biopic interviews on us with Chaz Bojórquez, Risk and Craig Stecyk, all pioneers in their own right, as a wind-up for Moca’s Art in the Streets opening this week. The problem that sometimes comes out of larger outlets covering sub-genres or artists is asking the wrong questions, however, LA Times seems to have their method down.

source: LA Times

From the LA Times article:

“This is not just a big street-art free-for-all,” adds the museum’s director, Jeffrey Deitch. “We are trying to see its history through a critical framework and identify where the innovations occur: the invention of Wild Style [graffiti] in New York, its adaptation in L.A. and the innovations in cholo graffiti and skateboard culture in L.A.”

source: LA Times

We’re diggin’ these interviews: timely, on point and covers cultural aspects that outsiders might not understand or have heard of. Obviously graff has a lot of demographic and geographic influences, and Art in the Streets will hopefully focus on that squarely in its exhibition and curation.

Man, wish we were in LA right now.