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source: Revok1

The sibling duo out of Brooklyn is killing it with their latest mural on 701 E. 3rd Street. The image density, pattern work and winding style is off the chain. Here’s a little close-up of the piece about 4 days in. There seems to be some explosively good works coming in with MOCA’s Art in the Streets underway in the following weeks.

source: Tatscru flickr


Throw Up Thursday LA edition

As you know by now, our “regular photographer” is not in DC, so this week’s Throw up Thursday has been temporarily relocated to sunny LA, where I was told it was 70, and “that shit was like Hawaii” yesterday.

The stomping grounds of graff legends like  SINER, WISK, CHAKA, K2s-PRIME, GIN ONE, (the list goes on and on…) is now home to some of the most currently hated-on street artists and grant winners (haha). No, but really though, LA is so saturated at this point, you have to keep going bigger to get noticed. We’ll have a formal DC-based Throw-up Thursday at the end of the week, so this is your consolation prize. (we know, we know, these aren’t technically “throw-ups”)

These are all so dope, and to the people who bemoan about selling-out, repetition, poor image construction etc., street art’s audience is anyone who sees it, so I applaud you for keeping the dialogue going. However, the scale and imagery, setting selection and visibility are all marks of experienced street artists. These are all great pieces because of their setting, they are meant to be seen and fit in fairly well with their “frames”, which is something you shouldn’t ever shy away from in this medium. The bigger the better, go hard or go home. Again, we are lovers and documenters of all street art, be it gallery pieces or chalk drawings.

Again, thanks to our lovely LA correspondent, and as always, a few more snaps on the flickr. Stay tuned on Saturday/Sunday for a DC-specific Throw up Thursday, part 2 coming in a few days.

JR in LA

Last week I told a friend from Ventura, CA (and a real sweetie) about this LAweekly GoogleMaps of JR’s recent works around downtown LA. She sent us this yesterday along with the promise of a few more…

Also, check out Unurth’s coverage of the spots embedded in that west coast scenery, some really great shots.

source: Unurth