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Ennui digs: Kelly Towles’ Scout Mural

Last Sunday we met up with our buddy Mauricio and he pointed us at local artist Kelly Towles for a possible profile/interview. We managed to bump into Kelly walking down First or Second NW within the hour and after some information changing hands, we’re currently in the process of producing some video and an interview with the DC native.

We came by this mural today on 12th and W to take some shots, and if it wasn’t for bikes and no locks we would’ve just hopped the fence. Towles put this up as part of a city-sponsored mural project, and the first thing you notice is its size and span.

So Rad. The piece is entitled Scout, and represents the same attitude that Ennui tries to embody- never-ending curiosity and exploration. With that classic Towles character style, lush colors and a positive message, we’re definitely down with this kind of city beautification. Keep an eye out for a Kelly Towles interview real soon, in the meantime check out some of his work, a really crazy blend of different genres and styles and as Kelly has stated in the past, drawing from everything from anime to the BBC. We dig it, man.