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Setting up with d[NASA]b

Yesterday we dropped in to Irvine Contemporary to help with the installation set up of d[NASA]b‘s show entitledĀ Dataklysmos, opening on Saturday April 30.

You wouldn’t believe the amounts of tubes, filaments, zip ties and wire liner that comes with this set up. d[NASA]b goes HAM on some really vibrant and organic looking video monitor/fibre glass/silicon installations. When the ambient music and video begins to kick in they really almost mimic natural creatures floating in space.

These pictures don’t really do these things justice, as the size and free-hanging nature really makes their placement and setting pop. They seem like large floating coral formations that are just radiating light, color and most cases, some sort of video.

The plastic nodes warp the video content underneath it.

There were also these photographic prints mounted on fiberglass, shot on a beach with one of the smaller sculptures floating with the tides. Low shutter speed shots in dead of night.

Yeah this is really seeing that intersection of digital information and organic lifeforms. Some really awesome work. Come check it out in person at the opening on Saturday. via Irvine Contemporary.

Image/Fame/Memory at Irvine Contemporary

Today we managed to get over to Irvine Contemporary and check out the Image/Fame/Memory exhibit currently running till April 16. The portraiture was definitely pretty astounding, we really recommend you guys checking it out. The gallery is located at the corner of P and 14th St. NW. From the press release:

Irvine Contemporary is pleased to present Image/Fame/Memory, an exhibition of works by four major portrait and documentary photographers, Curtis Knapp, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, and Kate Simon, who are known for the iconic power of their images in circulating fame and contributing to the cultural memory of the past four decades. Many of the photographs are being exhibited for the first time. Two of the photographers, Billy Name and Kate Simon, have also recently collaborated with Shepard Fairey in the creation of new images that extend the memory and symbolic power of the original photographs through a new medium and for a new cultural moment.

Here’s our experience:

Image/Fame/Memory @ Irvine Contemporary

As Saturnalia is coming to an end, Irvine Contemporary, on 14th and P St., will be hosting a mind-blowing collection of photography and mixed media fromĀ Curtis Knapp, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, and Kate Simon, along with a few new works from Shepard Fairey derived from shots by Simon and Name.

If you’ve enjoyed the content and perspectives from Ennui thus far, you know that the Pop Art movement is a precursor to much of the dialogue on street art today. As a response to the increasing subjectivity and concentration on reduction to bare artistic elements like form and structure, Pop Art was a direct backlash both to abstract expressionism and its perception of “the artist.” At the core of this movement is the timeless Andy Warhol, along with a slew of photographers and documenters that are represented in this exhibit.

Kate Simon, portrait of William S. Burroughs

Although these photographers were deeply embedded in Warhol’s immediate strata of artists and personalities, their portraiture and photography each reveal unseen depth in creating and illuminating mythos behind the lens. Image/Fame/Memory won’t be one to miss.

If you’re in the DC area, try and catch the opening night of the Image/Fame/Memory show at the Irvine Contemporary on March 11. We’ll hopefully be able to send some correspondents and do a more detailed exhibit visit feature in the near future.