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Ennui Digs: Redline DC Project Official Blog

Local coverage at its best! The Red Line in DC has an illustrious history in addition to being the stomping grounds of some big name writers in DC (Ennui ground recon coming soon). Saaret Yoseph is at the helm of this project and sent us a head’s up as the official blog for the film is now up.

screenshot source: Redline DC Project

So dope. We dig this project for many, many reasons, key among them is the context. Metro commuting is such a huge part of a daily routine that people rarely pay attention to. Little to people know that the hotly contested walls of Brookland station and northward is like Park Ave. real estate for any writer worth his or her salt. The result? The four way battle between buffers, conscripted muralists, disgruntled commuters and rogue writers duking it out for space and face time. Add into the mix of DC’s slow gentrification and city-sponsored cultural whitewashing of this historic area and you have the constructs for a dope film project.

photo source: Redline DC Project

We’ll be talking to Saaret very soon about the project, and also her personal struggles, successes and revelries as she dives into her first, and extremely prodigious film project. Big ups yo, keep an eye on the blog for all sorts of original and reader-submitted content.

Local love.


Revok’s Motor City Report

source: Revok

Revok continues to not only kill but also document the slayings. This time, a photo series in Detroit with these short words:

-I have never been anywhere in the world that feels so forgotten and neglected…

This series definitely shows that almost somber and definitely industrial mood of the city. While we can’t really attest to the conditions personally, these photos speak volumes of an area hit so hard by recession.

These photo essays are always awesome, and for a seasoned artist like Revok keeping not only a narrative alive in his work but also pushing forward and documenting is sweet. Check out the blog from this LA legend as he documents his exploits across the globe.

source: Revok
source: Revok

source: Revok