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Does: Between the Lines Preview via Carl Allison

DOES (interviewed) just put us on to a promo shot by Carl Allison for his newest show Between the Lines opening at Rancho Notorious on the 14th. Really dope video, and a preview style that you normally don’t see for gallery openings:

Again, check out Digitaldoes for more information, and also a nice interview by Australia-based graff blog Invurt.

DOES, on his grind and keeping the works fresh, that’s what we like to see.


The Miami Dream pt.2

We don’t how we slept on part 1, but kick your Friday off right to the chill vibes of the TMD crew taking over Miami shot by¬†ASKEW, KOST and RIMONI. From ASKEW‘s description:

In December 2010, 15 members of TMD crew ventured from New Zealand and Australia to attend Primary Flight in Miami. This 3 part video series offers a glimpse into TMD’s unique perspective and experiences during the event.

Yo, we dig this, just straightforward, honest footage- very well edited and cut, and with that David Dallas (swaggin’ as usual) soundtrack, everything just pops. And of course, Ironlak tearin’ up a huge wall in Miami. We forgot to post part 1 a while back so here it is:

Good Vibes all around. Come chill in DC some time homies!

via Ironlak, and TMD blog