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The Politics of Murals

source: Known Gallery

The ongoing whitewashing of street art adds to the Los Angeles’ growing reputation as an intolerant mural curator, an unfortunate tag for a city once known as the mural capitol of the world…(source: Known Gallery)

Known Gallery posted a really interesting (and lengthy) piece, originally written by KCET, on the gallery’s recent brush with LA’s graffiti removal unit, and also took a deeper look in this constant war and interesting geographic/chronological position that LA inhabits.

source: Known Gallery

About a week before MOCA’s Art in the Streets opened, this epic mural by Rime, Norm, Saber, Retna, Os Gemeos, Revok began to get “cleaned up,” by graffiti removal. In the past days, a chemical agent has been laid down over the paint that will remove it without damaging the mural underneath.

…The mistaken whitewash is a glaring example of the misguiding ordinances and city ‘s chain of command, says Daniel Lahoda of LA Freewalls Project, who recently arranged for the Downtown Arts District to become an outdoor gallery for French wheat paste artist JR. “When it comes to the city and murals, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” Adds Lahoda.

The city hands know; they just are not very coordinated. Between fighting tagging, pressure from lobbying billboard and sign companies, numerous ordinances with multiple city departments has the city lose its grip with murals, especially with the street form becoming prominent in popular culture…(source:Known Gallery)

Head over to Known for the rest of the piece. The timing of this incident is perhaps the biggest point of the article, in that at the eve of one of the largest retrospectives and show openings on illegally placed art is being pushed forward, there is still the abrasion and friction from citizens, artists and the government, especially in a graff and art hub like LA.