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DOES’ Between the Lines previews

DOES (Interview), once again dropping these teasers on us for new works featured in his upcoming show at Rancho Notorious, entitled Between the Lines.

We are really diggin’ these works. Oftentimes you will find street artists and writers changing up their gallery style from their street style, but DOES is really staying true to his original roots, with a heavy emphasis on letterform and works that can be translated from wall to canvas. Really lovin’ the style and flow, but that’s without question. Stay up on new media and previews via Facebook.


Ennui Interviews: DOES, Love Letters Crew, Ironlak team Europe

DOES, of the Love Letters Crew and Ironlak extended family, hails from the Netherlands and has been hard at work recently for his upcoming solo shows I Love Letters and Between the Lines. We caught up with him to get some ideas about graff movement into gallery settings and to get a perspective of a dope writer in the current environment. Check out digitaldoes for more information, and you won’t want to miss Between the Lines opening at Rancho Notorious Gallery on April 14.