Unearthed Jay Electronica visuals

Nah Right, scooped up this awesome “lost edits” of the lyrical destroyer Jay Electronica’s track Dimethyltryptamine, which was filmed during Jay’s excursion in Nepal. We dig the production and overall vibe from this video; it continues the chronicles of Jay’s travels around the world, overlaid with that intense lyrical technique that we’ve come to expect from a rapper of J. Elect’s caliber. Eskay, great find man. via Nah Right.


Montana Cans presents Birth of a spraycan

Montana Germany posted this video of how a can goes through production at a Montana plant. Definitely some really interesting details as far as product testing and the combination of mechanization and hand-tested steps. Really well shot also. via Montana-Cans.

Stanley Kubrick’s Chicago City of Contrast

Before Kubrick was making waves in the film industry, he worked freelance forLook Magazine during High School. Flavorwire gets the lowdown on photos turned in for a story called Chicago City of Contrast, and many of these pictures highlight that juxtaposition of racial, class and gender divides in the city, during 1949. Check out that old super xx large format film. via Flavorwire.

As always, the visionary artist and filmmaker with a keen eye for subjects and composition.

Image sources: Flavorwire.

MASH SF: Details from 773 14th St.

This has probably been in the makings for a while, but we kinda caught on to this a few months ago. These guys are about as OG as you can get in the fixed gear world, not only progressing to national tours and now shop openings, but maintaining the same good branding and production all along the way. That means when it comes time to transfer to a storefront, you have a huge offering of kits, clothing, frames, prints and art ready to go. We are excited as hell to see some shots coming out of this San Francisco shop.

photo sources: Mash SF

Shooting the Royal Wedding

source: Reuters 

Here’s the 110lb. camera kit it that every Reuters photographer had with them to shoot the royal wedding. 800mm and 600mm telescopics down to 15mm fisheyes. Looks like mostly Canon. via Gizmodo.

Mission Workshop// Pikey Science Video

Yo, we are huge fans of Mission Workshop. They’re stuff is built to last, and as original owners of Chrome, these guys are stepping up not only the product value but the production value of these videos too. The latest from the bagmakers out of San Francisco.

Art Under Pressure Opening Tonight

Don’t forget Art Under Pressure’s grand opening is tonight at 9PM, free with live local acts HEAD-ROC, KAIMBR and KEV BROWN with special guests THE LOST BOIS and DJ R.B.I. spinning some local joints. Check out the storefront and stock up. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

@ 4807 Georgia Ave, NW