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A nod to a momentous day

We’ll try and keep this as bi-partisan as possible, but being in DC means you’re inevitably going to get caught into a few political mobs one or way or the other. Just goes to show you the symbolic power of a created hero and villain, and the ultimate importance of individuals, really. In this case, not only a psychological conclusion to many open questions, but also a turning point with the 2012 elections looming overhead.

Anyway, here’s Banky’s Towel-a-ban hiding in atop the Marin Headlands.

Photo source: Kanaka Menehune


Google’s Tsunami missing person finder

Yesterday’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake triggered one of the largest Tsunamis in recorded history off the coast of Sendai, Japan. As of today over 398 people in about six prefectures are missing as a giant wave of mud, water and debris swept into rice fields and main roadways causing multiple fires and extensive infrastructure damage.

On the other side of the Pacific, Google has leveraged its huge information network in the form of disaster relief with its Japan Person Finder.

Although we are extremely wary of Google’s ever-present emergence as an information and data monopolizer, we have to give a thumbs up to the fact that Google is using its massive amounts of data connectivity and raw search capability to really assist in helping find the status of missing personnel during this disaster. Especially in a country where Internet connectivity is dense, this is a a particularly effective and simple means of assisting in the search effort. Check it out here.

We offer our condolences and best wishes for Japan in this dire hour. We hope everyone is safe and sound after this disaster!