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Locked up: Merckx aluminum

We got a few shots of this Merckx that is always parked around M street between Georgetown and 17th NW. The most ghetto-fabulous merckx ever seen-Zipp 808s, SRAM Force kit, no rear brake. So sick. We ran into Illy to get some coffee and luckily we got a few pics as it was gone when we came back out. As many faux-pas as there are to this build, it’s sweet. Drive-side is a 55t full carbon chainring. Going hard.

Anyone know who this is? Shoot us an e-mail we’d love to do a portrait.


Image/Fame/Memory at Irvine Contemporary

Today we managed to get over to Irvine Contemporary and check out the Image/Fame/Memory exhibit currently running till April 16. The portraiture was definitely pretty astounding, we really recommend you guys checking it out. The gallery is located at the corner of P and 14th St. NW. From the press release:

Irvine Contemporary is pleased to present Image/Fame/Memory, an exhibition of works by four major portrait and documentary photographers, Curtis Knapp, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, and Kate Simon, who are known for the iconic power of their images in circulating fame and contributing to the cultural memory of the past four decades. Many of the photographs are being exhibited for the first time. Two of the photographers, Billy Name and Kate Simon, have also recently collaborated with Shepard Fairey in the creation of new images that extend the memory and symbolic power of the original photographs through a new medium and for a new cultural moment.

Here’s our experience:

Ennui digs: Kelly Towles’ Scout Mural

Last Sunday we met up with our buddy Mauricio and he pointed us at local artist Kelly Towles for a possible profile/interview. We managed to bump into Kelly walking down First or Second NW within the hour and after some information changing hands, we’re currently in the process of producing some video and an interview with the DC native.

We came by this mural today on 12th and W to take some shots, and if it wasn’t for bikes and no locks we would’ve just hopped the fence. Towles put this up as part of a city-sponsored mural project, and the first thing you notice is its size and span.

So Rad. The piece is entitled Scout, and represents the same attitude that Ennui tries to embody- never-ending curiosity and exploration. With that classic Towles character style, lush colors and a positive message, we’re definitely down with this kind of city beautification. Keep an eye out for a Kelly Towles interview real soon, in the meantime check out some of his work, a really crazy blend of different genres and styles and as Kelly has stated in the past, drawing from everything from anime to the BBC. We dig it, man.

Throw Up Thursday Part 2

Here’s part 2 of this week’s tags and art, centered around New York Ave.

Sway and some self-policing

Dons, wheatpaste by Hella

The ubiquitous Artuare

Chungol (sp)

Gaia, from his recent show at the Irvine Contemporary

This is barely scraping the surface of the graff and street art in this area. We’re going to do a little photolog soon that will focus on specific walls and how they change over time. The speed that pieces are put up and tags are thrown is only matched by the amount of buffing and painting over that happens in this area. As DC is slowly expanding outward, turning row houses into condominiums, graff territory is being slowly pushed further and further outward. This time, check out our Tumblr for additional images. Flickr or Tumblr, what do you guys think for these photologs in the future?

Comin’ Home

Ennui is hoping on a plane in a couple of hours back to the city of broken promises and disgusting jumbo slice. This past week has been torture without our regular photologs, and in the next month or two we hope to be moving to another site location, another blog reformatting, and a few other infrastructure updates. Expect reviews, columns, interviews and great content in the near future, including a little sneak peek with some local artists, some bike related content and as always, a shitload of new original photos to pore over.

Later in the day– Throw Up Thursday Part 2, and an Interview with Chill Mega Chill Records. Get ready.

AOK’s Yelawolf video

Our favorite alma mater reppin’ rapper/mixed medium artist AOK hit up the Yelawolf/Cyhi the Prynce show at Rock N Roll Hotel on H the other night. He sent us some raw footage the next morning, and I was thinking this is gonna be just another blurry flipcam video, but after some furious editing, the result is pretty ridiculous:

Man this show looks like it was off the chain. Yelawolf goin’ so hard and with Cyhi in the mix whippin out all the hot tracks- I wish, Box Chevy, Pop the Trunk. We dig Yelawolf for real, outside of having that Jack Torrance flow, he’s got a look in his eye like he’s about to shotgun some gasoline or just go berserk at any second; in interviews, this is the calmest dude. Anyway, both these guys are wordsmiths in their own right, but together, it’s a deadly concoction.

WI’ DA REMIX. Anyway, loving the video man! Really feeling that DIY, girls-gone-wild vibe. Honestly, I think it really works with the artists and the smaller confined stage. Keep the videos coming man! Blue and Grey!

Preview: The Art of AOK

You might remember a little teaser from a couple of days ago, and also our banner from Ennui v.1. Soon as we get the cameraman back in town, we’ll sit down with AOK for a little glimpse into color, texture and form with this crazy mfer. Outside of this kid’s house are gallons of house paint…