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URL migration

So we finally put that bluehost URL to use, we’re now at Update your RSS feeds, and again we welcome all photos, stories and words.


Blog in a blog: The Locals/Chicago

We’re putting the edits and layout together for a rad intro piece (with pieces to come weekly) as a blog within the blog, for a section we call The Locals.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we’re all about the perspective. Oftentimes the stories that we’ve dug up over the days or weeks can put us deceptively into an aggregation model.

A couple weeks ago we talked to our first contributor, Emily, about doing a subjective series on her exploits in her own local stomping ground, Chi-town. Fast forward to a couple days ago and that’s what you see here- a series devoted to repping your locale as you see it, but still flying under Ennui’s M.O. of staying true to your experiences, learning as you go and just some good ass content.¬†We promise this is the last preview, but the lovely Emily really does deserve her own opening credits.

Anyway, enjoy our new weekly column on Chicago’s arts, music, culture through the exploits of our first remote contributor, Emily Rose Larsen.

Contributors Incoming

We’d like to thank all you readers for stopping by and checking out our content, our photos and our perspective on all things near and dear to our hearts. We’re nearing the the end of our second month of full operation at Ennui, and we’ve got some big changes and directions in the future.

We are not an arts/culture/music blog. Although we do pull from a variety of sources and materials pertaining to the arts and culture that exist in the clouds already, we strive to bring you subjectivity in our objectivity. We try to create a linearity, a story within our curation and even more so in our coverage. Our goal is to reveal a process or a system at work and let you make your decision on the matter.

In the next week we’ll be introducing two contributing writers who have already taken a stake in their digital and real-world territories, and they’ll be crafting their personae as a piece of Ennui also. Just to add a little mystique to our workings…

In the meantime, enjoy our columns, our recon, our perspective, and as always, enjoy your city and your surroundings and feel free to submit content at any time.

Preview: Ennui Print 1

A project in the works for a while now (haha, at least for those who’ve seen it), but making a comeback as one of our first print releases. You’re looking at a rough mock-up of a draft, but hopefully we can start publishing/manifesting some of our work as time goes on. A few more shots:

Our first work is based on Japanese symbology but combines modern technique and style with emblematic influences and geometric patterning. Look out for a first run in the coming weeks. We built Ennui as a mass communication machine not only to document, but also for some our on ideas to manifest. We also encourage you to submit works, writing, or information at any time.

Introducing… the Columns page

As with any blog there’s always multiple avenues to find and read content. While newer stories might get run through in a few moments, we try and keep original and noteworthy content and focuses at the forefront, despite the weaknesses of a chronological layout.

If this is your first time, you have to use columns. Not really, but basically our weekly content gets posted and pushed back all the times, so as we expand with more coverage and content types, you can come back and sift through past postings or use each link box as a way to stay up to date on our series and perspectives. Win-win.

As always, comments, questions, tips and criticisms are welcome, and we encourage you to hit our blog on the daily for the freshest scoop.