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Wall doc: Geser via Molotow

source: MyMolotow
We caught this series of shot from GESER via Molotow this morning of a really dope wall and shots from outlines to completion.

source: MyMolotow

If you’ve heard of this kid, his style is really solid, but just from seeing his recent works, his styling and detailing has really aged well with time. The “G” really sets a tone in this piece, along with continuity and composition being stellar. Here’s the sketch:

source: MyMolotow

This is definitely dope. There were manipulations made from the sketch itself, but GESER definitely coming in with some fire. Hit up MyMolotow for more shots.


Throw Up Thurs. Preview

Slacking last week on updating DC’s graffiti, so this is a little double post for this week.

So we’ve been kind of thinking about the whole point of documenting graff in DC, as well as a few incidents that’ve sort of occurred in the past week or so. While shooting up on Georgia Ave., this random-ass homeless guy started lecturing us about urban decay, drug connections and gang violence connected to graffiti. Most importantly he asked us why we take pictures of this “garbage?”

This kind of gets us thinking, what’s the point of posting graffiti online? Well, it comes back to several things. First, the history of DC needs to be chronicled, particularly as the way people view graffiti and street art is rapidly changing. In addition, as the meaning of form and words deepen, so do the existing layers of buffed walls and remaining tags that populate certain areas. But in our opinion DC’s lower graff density is more significant because you can spot trends and triangulate areas that correspond to certain things.

So this is what we’re going to do: incorporate more than just media, but also give you a light history of the surrounding areas and our own musings about race, culture, urban planning, gentrification and decay that people often forget about in DC, through the lens of throw ups, tags and pieces in DC. Part illumination, and part publicity for our neighborhood.

Here’s a little preview of Georgia Ave. and U street for this week. As always, check back on Thursdays for a little DC graff exposure, and as always, haters gonna hate. Stay fresh!

Claudia Walde (MADC) in London

Wow. MADC going big in London with this massive wall piece for her upcoming show MADABC opening tomorrow at Pure Evil Gallery in London. From Molotow’s write up:

… In dedication of her book and love for letters she will show several alphabets on canvas, classic MadC pieces on canvas and wall, as well as a selection of sketches. The show runs until 1st of May. The show is also the launch party for her book “Street Fonts – graffiti alphabets from around the world”…

source: Molotow

source: Molotow

source: Molotow

Going so big with this piece, on top of the process video. This is some really new school styling, super abstract with a strong emphasis on depth and interactivity with the medium. This is what we’re talking about right here. Diggin’ this MADC! Check out more info at

The Politics of Murals

source: Known Gallery

The ongoing whitewashing of street art adds to the Los Angeles’ growing reputation as an intolerant mural curator, an unfortunate tag for a city once known as the mural capitol of the world…(source: Known Gallery)

Known Gallery posted a really interesting (and lengthy) piece, originally written by KCET, on the gallery’s recent brush with LA’s graffiti removal unit, and also took a deeper look in this constant war and interesting geographic/chronological position that LA inhabits.

source: Known Gallery

About a week before MOCA’s Art in the Streets opened, this epic mural by Rime, Norm, Saber, Retna, Os Gemeos, Revok began to get “cleaned up,” by graffiti removal. In the past days, a chemical agent has been laid down over the paint that will remove it without damaging the mural underneath.

…The mistaken whitewash is a glaring example of the misguiding ordinances and city ‘s chain of command, says Daniel Lahoda of LA Freewalls Project, who recently arranged for the Downtown Arts District to become an outdoor gallery for French wheat paste artist JR. “When it comes to the city and murals, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” Adds Lahoda.

The city hands know; they just are not very coordinated. Between fighting tagging, pressure from lobbying billboard and sign companies, numerous ordinances with multiple city departments has the city lose its grip with murals, especially with the street form becoming prominent in popular culture…(source:Known Gallery)

Head over to Known for the rest of the piece. The timing of this incident is perhaps the biggest point of the article, in that at the eve of one of the largest retrospectives and show openings on illegally placed art is being pushed forward, there is still the abrasion and friction from citizens, artists and the government, especially in a graff and art hub like LA.

Ennui Digs: Redline DC Project Official Blog

Local coverage at its best! The Red Line in DC has an illustrious history in addition to being the stomping grounds of some big name writers in DC (Ennui ground recon coming soon). Saaret Yoseph is at the helm of this project and sent us a head’s up as the official blog for the film is now up.

screenshot source: Redline DC Project

So dope. We dig this project for many, many reasons, key among them is the context. Metro commuting is such a huge part of a daily routine that people rarely pay attention to. Little to people know that the hotly contested walls of Brookland station and northward is like Park Ave. real estate for any writer worth his or her salt. The result? The four way battle between buffers, conscripted muralists, disgruntled commuters and rogue writers duking it out for space and face time. Add into the mix of DC’s slow gentrification and city-sponsored cultural whitewashing of this historic area and you have the constructs for a dope film project.

photo source: Redline DC Project

We’ll be talking to Saaret very soon about the project, and also her personal struggles, successes and revelries as she dives into her first, and extremely prodigious film project. Big ups yo, keep an eye on the blog for all sorts of original and reader-submitted content.

Local love.

The History of Graffiti Interview… presented by PBS

source: PBS video

PBS news gets the scoop on all of us with this this interview piece starring Caleb Neelon and Roger Gastman, as they give us a little perspective on the history of graff, from geography, to demography and a little psychology behind graffiti through the ages. Graffiti is the Rock n’ Roll of Visual Art (Neelon).

source: PBS

Kilroy is the best example of how the art form moves with history, in this case, a Boston-based throw-up that was carried around the world, post World War II. A lot of books at taken a bite out of this [graffiti history], we basically tried to swing as hard as we could. (Gastman)

Source: PBS

Yo, this is graff documentation at its best, covered by public broadcasting, and casting as wide a net as possible. Although writers, commentators and city cleaning crews will harp for days about what the genre means for writers, but this doc shows that spirit that we were all once captivated by.Whether it’s making it to a gallery, or just putting your name in as many places as possible. …paint more trains, paint more walls, paint more freeway signs, everyone has a reason. (Gastman)

These guys are spitting some truth. If you’re committed to the form, then go all out. Anyway, check the video here, and also pick up The History of American Graffiti next time you’re hunting for deals at a defunct Borders.

Throw up Thursday: M and 9th

DC is like late autumn again: hail, rain and one cold ass gust. Shooting in this light is a bitch, so think of this as throw up lite this week. We basically hit a three block area around M and 9th, just to see that slow gradient of scrawls and tags being pushed eastward.

Andre the Giant remix a little black and yellow from AEER

RESK, DCB crew

This is the perfect lot for something big.

We’re gonna explore some more of Shaw next week, in the meantime pray for some sunshine, and as always feel free to submit snaps.

A few more on the Flickr.