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A Q&A with 3 Studio

After we peeped 3 Studio’s acrylic and multimedia creations, we managed to get in touch with them for a little long distance Q&A. Short, and sweet, a nice light read for a late Sunday night, but some stuff to muse about. Again, we try and reserve Q&A’s for individuals, collectives and projects that are on the come-up. In this case, 3 Studio represents a pursuit in the direction of Japanese contemporary art, both as it stands after a horrendous national disaster, but also as more and more of a Japanese contemporary art scene is developed. Grab a drink, and have a quick read of this Q&A we did with 3 Studio.


Ennui Interviews: DOES, Love Letters Crew, Ironlak team Europe

DOES, of the Love Letters Crew and Ironlak extended family, hails from the Netherlands and has been hard at work recently for his upcoming solo shows I Love Letters and Between the Lines. We caught up with him to get some ideas about graff movement into gallery settings and to get a perspective of a dope writer in the current environment. Check out digitaldoes for more information, and you won’t want to miss Between the Lines opening at Rancho Notorious Gallery on April 14.

Ennui Interviews Brian Fu/Flwrider

Ennui loves good documentation, and in this case, we managed to speak with one of Hong Kong’s premier cycling documenters and advocates, Brian Fu of Flwrider. Fu and Flwrider are both extremely active in all aspects of the fixed scene and recently expanding into design and photography realms. What we love about this blog is the richness of media and the fact that Flwrider is actively pushing to expand its coverage through more videos and photography.

Thanks again to Brian and Flwrider for answering some questions, and if haven’t checked out the Frame series, you definitely should. [click to enlarge]

Ennui Interviews Chill Mega Chill pt.2

When we talked to Chill Mega Chill about a week ago, Ian, one-half of the production team, contributed the responses and insights. Tripp recently came back to provide us with the other half of Chill Mega Chill‘s mentality. Enjoy.

Ennui Interviews Chill Mega Chill Records

These guys are doing it right. Learning as they progress, and helping with the physical production of acts all over the country. We got the chance to talk to Ian of Chill Mega Chill Records and got the lowdown on their approach and 80s retro aesthetic. Rad!

Local Push: Chill Mega Chill Records

This isn’t Throw(back) Thursday, but man these DC kids are still painting the town. You might have hit up Galapagos as part of our preemptive look-see at some SXSW action, but the guys on the other side of the booth are bringing back that 80s vibe with Cassette releases and 7″ vinyls of some young talents from across country.

Honestly, Ennui wants to not only showcase young talented producers and artistes, but also just open the floodgates for finding inspiration high and low. You might know about Cactus Mouth and Cool Things I Find, but they’re combined powers has spewed forth a retro throwback label in Chill Mega Chill Records, a dynamic duo of a production house that’s not only planned three releases within five tumblr posts, but has already set an aesthetic all their own.

Ian and Tripp were nice enough to agree to do a quick profile before our correspondents could do a more in-depth interview and shoot in the next week, so expect some deets on their DIY approach and that we’ll-cross-that-bridge-when-we-get-there spunk that has already netted them quite a following.

Much love for these local cats, and keep your eyes peeled for their profile coming soon, in the meantime enjoy another Galapagos ear-bleed session:

Ennui Interviews Wick-It the Instigator

Enjoy our first interview with DJ and musician Wick-It the Instigator out of Nashville, bringing a fresh introspective on his own experiences and an Ennui exclusive lowdown on one of the hottest remix/mash-up artists out there: