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Mash’s Twin Peaks Time Trial Documentation

The newly dubbed fixed gear shop owners MASH put on the Twin Peaks Time Trial ostensibly to celebrate the opening of their new storefront, and also to just go all out. Remember when alleycat grand prizes were messenger bags and t-shirts? This backyard race put up $500 for first fixed AND geared. Check out more at Pamela’s Flickr Set.

source: Pamela Palma


MASH SF: Details from 773 14th St.

This has probably been in the makings for a while, but we kinda caught on to this a few months ago. These guys are about as OG as you can get in the fixed gear world, not only progressing to national tours and now shop openings, but maintaining the same good branding and production all along the way. That means when it comes time to transfer to a storefront, you have a huge offering of kits, clothing, frames, prints and art ready to go. We are excited as hell to see some shots coming out of this San Francisco shop.

photo sources: Mash SF

JeffyD in PDX

Ok, Ok we don’t usually post about fixed gear freestyle, but this video is pretty sick. JeffyD from the Wheeltalk crew, (that Specialized S came out of nowhere) This is what we like to see, grit, fast riding and big jumps. Dope.

Broken Bones Benefit documentation

photo source: John Daniel Reiss

We were all kind of waiting for photos for this what’s looks like a pretty dope alleycat, Broken Bones Benefit, with proceeds going to the San Francisco Messenger Union, thrown by those cats from Macaframa. This time it’s John Daniel Reiss to the rescue with some great pre and post race documentation on his Flickr. Road drops making a comeback…

photo source: John Daniel Reiss

Samurai Messengers via Wired

source: Wired

We saw this article on Flwrider this morning, and it’s kind of crazy how mainstream outlets are starting to pick on this occupation. With Triple Rush debuting on the Travel Channel a week ago, it’s dope that these groups get some good documentation. In this case, a great biopic look at Samurai, based in NYC and kind of how they progressed over time. Definitely check it out, and really digging these web layouts too.

Our take on Triple Rush

source: Triple Rush

If you’ve been watching the Travel Channel at all we’re sure you’ve seen these previews for Triple Rush, a reality doc on NYC messengers. Well, so far the actual reception from the cycling bloggies has varied from the optimistic to the self-loathing. We’ve seen a lot of sites cover this series, and it seems to strike an odd chord with people, especially for a scene that lies at a juncture between wanting to remain enclaved and still slowly being assimilated into American culture.

@AustinHorse tweeted this little preview today, this time courtesy of ANIMAL New York:

In this case, you have to take the good with the bad. On the one hand, professional shooting, good implementation of street views, resources to cover a lot of personnel and of course, just the exposure and awesomeness that we all secretly kind of want to watch. On the other hand, this means monetization, and direction that might not match the aesthetic of this industry. Obviously with a confrontation between an innately DIY and blue-collar crowd and programming execs, you’re going to run into marketing quips like this:

Our beef with this is not the angle, or the photo or caption, but rather shoving into your face a culture with the clear voice of an outsider. Rather than positioning it as an entertainment angled show, we’d love to see this show as much of the grit and honesty without the unnecessary drama and playing up. Messengers obviously dress very distinctively, you don’t need to highlight that point.

But then again, we’re not messengers, so big ups to the Travel Channel, because honestly who knew this was coming a year or two ago? And from the previews, the narrative structure and shots look awesome. Catch the premier at 10PM E/T on the Travel Channel.

Matt Lingo’s What This Means

Tyler Johnson, source: What this Means

Fixed gear photography has come a long way, and it’s times like looking at Matt Lingo’s newest project, What This Means, that makes you think about how wide and deep the whole scene is, as of 2011.

Wonka @ Downtown Showdown, source: What this means

Matt Lingo is one of those names that’s hovered over the progression of fixed freestyle, hill bombers, NY riders and west coast fixed for a while now, with significant attention to photographic quality without cramping documentary style.

Massann on Emi’s Roof, source: What this means

From the mouth of the photographer himself:

The project was titled “What This Means”, as I saw these images as what fixed gear meant to me. This has always been about the people, because without them the bikes mean very little. Some shots are of just people, some shots are of just bikes, but together they paint the picture of how I feel about this “scene”. It’s in such an early stage that there’s no commercial or monetary support, and it thrives purely on the passion of those who participate in it…

Jason, Emi, Massan, Chinatown, source: What this means

Matt, this is so sick. While Ennui might not have carved out a section of the web for our own fixed gear content, we can still appreciate how it’s built on the backs of not just riders, but photographers and documenters also.

Big ups man, and be sure to check out Matt Lingo for new updates.