Throw Up Thursday: U St. & Georgia Ave.

We are definitely in a graff-induced haze this week, and although it’s going to take a bit of finagling, here’s a little combination of snippets from U St., and a few shots from Georgia Ave’s 3500-4800 block. Fresh off our visit with Art Under Pressure, we’re hyped to not only bring you DC graff but also to get inside and under it more in the future. In the meantime enjoy some 35mm and digital shots.

MARS, KGB once again making some waves with a pretty prominent throw up in the U St. alley. The other end of the wall is this:

Actually there was more buffing than anything large or obtrusive, we think what ends up remaining if we caught. For example this Nero up near Howard was there on 4/20 (we’re sure of it), and gone by today.

We were wondering about what was going on at Art Under Pressure today too…

As always pay attention to what’s around you, and as little as we can do but document, there’s a weird map being constructed in our minds about how this stuff is moving and progressing.

Haha, no really though, enjoy and hit us up every week for this little contribution.


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