Shop Visit: Art Under Pressure

We’re kind of no longer in that age of making off with cans from hardware stores, or jacking sharpies from office supplies stores, but at the heart of Petworth on Georgia Ave., the mentality of a shop serving its audience hasn’t died out. Art Under Pressure, a local shop serving the graff and skate community, not only keeps the area writers stocked, but also is a collective on a mission. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, first the cans.

Stacked high in a blazing array of colors and brands. Mtn. 94, Ironlak and what the owner told us, Aliens coming in soon. For a while there wasn’t a local hook-up for good cans, and for us, we just kind of had to wait around for specials.

Caps, cans and markers are stocked too, even though the shop’s formal opening isn’t till the 30th.

Although Art Under Pressure is serving many communities, we are ecstatic that there’s finally a spot outside of Utrecht that serves writers. However, this joint is about more than markers and cans….

…or featuring local streetware brands…

…or keeping local legends close at heart…

… or showcasing local craftsmen like CON’s baggage creations…

… or skate decks, trucks and supplies stacked to the roof…

It’s about that spirit of creation. Two featured local writers/artists here just sketching and writing away on a sunny weekday. At the same time, the shop shares that mentality of helping people within the community put their creative juices into bankable manifestations, may it be clothing designs or art collaborations. For a city that’s often deemed not as culture-rich, having outstanding shop presences to boost the creative juices helps the craft sustain itself.

Two local brands Grindstone and Durkl making a splash at the Art Under Pressure storefront. The display mounts and tables were all fabricated by hand and feature that corroded and worn industrial feeling that matches perfectly with the DIY vibe that is emanating from this local shop.The owner, Cory Stowers is the creative director for the DC program Words, Beats & Life, a program designed to foster that artistic energy in the local community.

What can we say, this place is dope. Again, catch the grand opening on the 30th, and although the site isn’t up, make sure to bookmark it for the time being.

Handpainted signage here. Definitely check out the shop at 4807 Georgia Ave. in DC when you get a chance, and we guarantee you’ll be blown away by the good vibes coming off this shop. Big ups guys, we’ll be back for the opening!


3 responses to “Shop Visit: Art Under Pressure

  1. please be aware that about 90% of dc writers dilike and distrust the owner and wouldn’t set foot in that store. peace.

  2. im gunna rack so much “nice” paint.

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