Invader @ MOCA via Hypebeast

Hypebeast has been killin it with some great compiled and self-taken photodocs on specific artists featured in Moca’s Art in the Streets. These photos really capture the single artist view rather than focusing on full exhibit shots. These are all names and “legends” that we’ve seen emerge into mainstream prominence in the past 5-6 years. In this case, Invader, via Hypebeast:

source: hypebeast

source: hypebeast

The isolation of these pieces on white walls is really kind of unusual to see, but it’s always good that the artist is appropriating new ideas and progressing. This time bringing the old-school hand pointer icon, and isolating individual invaders without their usual linoleum backdrops.

source: hypebeast

Loving the placement on this. Honestly we’ve been impressed with the layout of the exhibit, at least from a bystander’s perspective. Check out Hypebeast constantly for new artist profile updates at Art in the Streets.


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