Tokyo Fixed Gear visits Nagasawa

The best part about this little doc from Tokyo Fixed Gear (out of London)…

…is the story that goes with it. It really shows that air of professionalism and deep-seated history of some of these premier Japanese framebuilders; perhaps one of the most well known, is the shop of Nagasawa. At the same time you can see that humanity behind the profession. While much of the influx of knowledge about Japanese track cycling was kind of flown on the backs of the fixed gear migration into the states, it’s so fresh to see that embedded perspective in another country, especially Japan.

The photography and words are outstanding. From Max:

We enter quietly and become his audience, we are not the only members of this audience, however. The President of the legendary local cycle brand Sugino is standing watching with a potential Keirin star by his side. He is visiting Nagasawa to request he build a series of frames for some big upcoming races. For me it’s a pretty surreal scene. After a few minutes Nagasawa breaks from his work and gives a warm round of handshakes and introductions, then straight to business with Sugino.

So sick, check out the at Tokyo Fixed Gear.


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