A little Toro Y Moi on a sunny day

Yeah, yeah we’re slacking a little bit on posts today, a lot of stuff getting jammed together this past week, but here’s a ton of photos of a rad little show courtesy of the South Carolina hoodlum and his pals, Toro Y Moi.

These cats put together a little mini free show for the salad eaters and bystanders at  Sweetgreen on P and 14th this afternoon. This has got to be one of the chillest crews we’ve ever seen, just noming froyo and setting up on a 64 degree DC day with not a cloud in the sky. Spring swag.

Oh yeah, bout to get heavy right here. There’s a Canon 7D behind all those bmx grips.

The neighborhood showed up in force for this one, from grannies to hipters and everything in between. Check these fly kicks.

oh yeah.Look at that smile.

This is Ennui reminding you to enjoy the weather when you still can. Also to bump Underneath the Pine whenever you feel like chillin’ real hard. Such an rad record.


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