Gaia’s Chicago Wrap-up

source: Gaia

Gaia finished his recent double solo show in Chicago with Maxwell Colette and Pawn Works, entitled Resplendent Semblance. One deviation we’ve seen is a greater concentration on the painting and fine art aspect of these street to gallery pieces, stepping away slightly from his more isolated figures and compositions to more expansive backgrounds, colors and strong tonal and realistic subject matters. From seeing Gaia’s progression over the past couple of years he’s really been expanding his repertoire and subject matter. So sick.

source: Gaia

source: Gaia

These are shots from the State and Adams Installation. A slight variation on the rabbit lion is going to be featured in run of prints for sale.

source: Gaia

I remember that lion that Gaia did at the Monseratt House in DC last fall; the colors are vivid but not overly saturated. This guy has skill behind the can and the brush.

source: Gaia

source: Gaia

source: Gaia

Bombing the street as a run-up to the actual shows. Gaia was just in DC last week for a panel discussion at Irvine Contemporary, one that we unfortunately missed due to a combination of laziness and raininess. Never again.


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