Alëxone Dizac’s Oediperies

source: blogaouane

We’re telling you, it pays to put yourself on every mailing list you can findAlëxone of illustrative and street art fame turns his attention to a show centered on graffiti form that still inhabits the whimsical and multi-colored landscape that we’ve come to expect from this French artist. This time it’s called Oediperies and it draws from Alëxone’s graffiti background from some 20 years ago.

source: blogaouane

source: blogaouane

From the Gallery Speerstra:

For his 3rd solo show at the Speerstra Gallery, Alëxone Dizac will temporarily puts aside his classic work on canvas to present his “Oedïpe” calligraphy, a style he usually works outside and on walls.

Meeting in 2009 the godfather of graffiti “Seen”, and his invitation to come and paint in his studio in Paris. Alëxone decided to undertake this project called “Oedïperies” for the Gallery.

Returning to his graffiti roots , the artist selected a dozen of works that are exclusively spray-paint on canvas. Spray because this is the medium Alëxone used when he started his graffiti career 20 years ago in Paris.

source: blogaouane

These are really tight- the line work and color combinations are very reminscient of Alëxone’s traditional illustration, but the form gives all these pieces a much different tone. Not to the mention the shadowing and effects really make the circular elements pop off the canvas. Oediperies will be running at Gallery Speerstra until May 14.


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