Matt Lingo’s What This Means

Tyler Johnson, source: What this Means

Fixed gear photography has come a long way, and it’s times like looking at Matt Lingo’s newest project, What This Means, that makes you think about how wide and deep the whole scene is, as of 2011.

Wonka @ Downtown Showdown, source: What this means

Matt Lingo is one of those names that’s hovered over the progression of fixed freestyle, hill bombers, NY riders and west coast fixed for a while now, with significant attention to photographic quality without cramping documentary style.

Massann on Emi’s Roof, source: What this means

From the mouth of the photographer himself:

The project was titled “What This Means”, as I saw these images as what fixed gear meant to me. This has always been about the people, because without them the bikes mean very little. Some shots are of just people, some shots are of just bikes, but together they paint the picture of how I feel about this “scene”. It’s in such an early stage that there’s no commercial or monetary support, and it thrives purely on the passion of those who participate in it…

Jason, Emi, Massan, Chinatown, source: What this means

Matt, this is so sick. While Ennui might not have carved out a section of the web for our own fixed gear content, we can still appreciate how it’s built on the backs of not just riders, but photographers and documenters also.

Big ups man, and be sure to check out Matt Lingo for new updates.


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