Detroit’s Finest: Magestik Legend

image source: Magestik Legend

This past Friday we were chilling at Rustik with Kelly Towles and bumped into this rad dude Romero from Detroit. Rustik is super chill, and one of those low-key neighborhood joints where you find a lot of peeps with history and stories.

Between discussion of Detroit’s art revival and hip hop scene, Romero told us that he actually is the PR and marketing agent for a dope MC named Magestik Legend.

Tell me this isn’t hella Detroit right here. Magestik Legend with some seriously sick flow, and getting across that “on my grind” perspective with these gritty but still well shot and composed videos. As the birthplace of Motown, Detroit is making a comeback on the shoulders of hard-working cats who are keepin’ it local and keepin’ it real. Magestik, cooking it down in the kitchen. Definitely check this guy out.


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