Bike Check: Miele Track

Time for a little bike love. Here’s the steed that belongs to one of our photographers/writers. A year unknown Miele track, former property of a roadie in Philly who was sponsored by Circle A Cycles (cyclocross), with one of the ballinest paint jobs ever courtesy of the Providence bike builder.

As you can tell already, this is the beater. This is the winter ride, and the rainy day steed.

Everyone has a different way of riding fixed, and as simplistic as a track bike is, the variation can be enormous. 3T Ergonova drops with alloy sram single speed levers, Campy Centaur front brake and enough cable for 44cm bars.

Wound up fork, an older Hed Stinger carbon front and some smooth brazing. Notice the headtube joints are fillet brazed…

Secret tech: Crank Bros. Mallet DH pedals. Perfect for mashing around town in any shoes, or clipping in for longer rides and winter training. The platform is wide enough to give you that same road pedal stability and solidity, along with replaceable faces and a rebuildable body.

… and the rest of the frame is lugged. This frame was repaired by Circle A along with the new paint job. Stiff, reinforcing rings were added to the top and bottom of the head tube. Combined with the stiffer carbon fork and front wheel, this thing can really get up and go.

Never get younger… under the clear coat.

If you are in the DC area, we’d love to take some snaps of your ride, be it track, road, cross, mountain or anything in between. Let us know at, and as always ride safe.


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