Gary Copeland’s SXSW Music and Rock Photography

source: Gary Copeland

The Leica Camera blog does one of the best jobs of documenting and increasing its array of photographic content. This is the way to run a blog when you’ve been around for that long and represent such an iconic brand. You must have killer photography and photodocs. Like Gary Copeland’s SXSW photos:

source: Gary Copeland

source: Gary Copeland

From Leica:

Gary Copeland, a commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, specializes in shooting the contemporary music scene, covering on-stage performances and the backstage life of bands and individual performers. Gary recently returned from the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas where he shot live performances of bands on the Volcom Entertainment record label. He has used a variety of cameras over the years including Leica M6s, but now shoots almost exclusively with Leica M9s.

source: Gary Copeland

source: Gary Copeland

We’re jealous that this guy is shooting with that M9 kit. Doesn’t this just make you want to pool together you lunch money for a nice Leica rangefinder? Well done guys, nice little marketing/photography tie-in, and awesome documentary and blog style. Leica also included a nice little write-up on Copeland’s perspective, style and of course, equipment.

Definitely keep tabs on the Leica blog, they are constantly putting up awesome photologs, and most importantly, adding that context to each posting.


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