Blog in a blog: The Locals/Chicago

We’re putting the edits and layout together for a rad intro piece (with pieces to come weekly) as a blog within the blog, for a section we call The Locals.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we’re all about the perspective. Oftentimes the stories that we’ve dug up over the days or weeks can put us deceptively into an aggregation model.

A couple weeks ago we talked to our first contributor, Emily, about doing a subjective series on her exploits in her own local stomping ground, Chi-town. Fast forward to a couple days ago and that’s what you see here- a series devoted to repping your locale as you see it, but still flying under Ennui’s M.O. of staying true to your experiences, learning as you go and just some good ass content. We promise this is the last preview, but the lovely Emily really does deserve her own opening credits.

Anyway, enjoy our new weekly column on Chicago’s arts, music, culture through the exploits of our first remote contributor, Emily Rose Larsen.


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