Flickr Friday: Dust and Grooves’ photostream

source: Dust and Grooves Photostream

Last night we meant to post before we headed out for a little music video filming turned drinking session; so as we’re typing now with a pounding headache in the same clothes as yesterday, we present you with this week’s Flickr Fri(Satur)day: Dust and Grooves’ photostream.

source: Dust and Grooves Photostream

If you’re in the OG crowd that has been following us since Ennui beta on tumblr (not the image reel, but the original blog), you might remember a post about Dust and Grooves’ blog. But probably not, so check it out.

source: Dust and Grooves Photostream

Flickr Friday is ostensibly about good photography mixed with that personal touch, but the it’s also about the story and the perspective. Dust and Grooves’ (blog and photostream) are operated by Eilon Paz out of Brooklyn and builds off of his nearly lifelong obsession with crate digging and documenting the transient art of vinyl collection with a smattering of interviews, collection shots, personal tales and dope photography, mostly shot via some sort of 50mm fixed lens.

source: Dust and Grooves Photostream

Yo this guy has got some gems, on some real Nardwuar grind right here. Although Eilon isn’t the biggest or more regular poster, he’s recently re-amped his photostream with some really dope shots. Eilon, big ups man, keep the good shots coming.


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