Shop Visit: Durkl

The beltway isn’t just about business and politics. You wouldn’t think it, but nestled a few blocks from Massachuesetts Ave. and 4th St. is the studio, warehouse and storefront of one of DC’s premier streetwear and workwear brands: Durkl.

Whereas New York, The Bay or Tokyo each have their own streetwear tone and vibe, Durkl relishes in keeping their collections and aesthetic innately DC. Their storefront and warehouse area is a converted taxi hub, and the older style garage doors, protruding pipes and corroding blue brick, combined with the modern, minimalistic branding, really adds layers to the whole experience.

The foyer area was recently converted into a chill-ass sitting room, with comfy couches, skateboards and some fine photography. Wires, piping, and whitewall give it that 1970s DC feeling. Walk down any side street in Chinatown and you’ll get the same vibe.

Perhaps one of the biggest boons for the brand and recent collections is the tight-knit relationship between DC messengers and bike culture, and Durkl. Their recent collaboration with Ortlieb produced one of the sickest messenger backpacks yet. Swag. Peep the floor space and product:

Durkl recently introduced their denim line, featuring raw selvedge in a classic fit. Let us pitch you the collection like this. American workwear is a huge part of streetwear whether you’re going east or west coast, and Durkl does it right with tasteful pieces, attention to detail, and choosing strong, rigid designs that are meant to be worn and thrashed. Hell, the selvedge denim cap that we nabbed for the rainy ride home was just what we needed on an ugly day.

When you work closely with messengers, style sometimes comes after utilitarianism. All these pieces, from this spring’s rain jacket to the new denim line betrays that mentality- an attention to detail, and articles meant to be used and abused, but still stylish and swaggin’ hard. And of course, it’s produced 20 feet from where it’s displayed.

But let’s take a step back, because we aren’t necessarily about the fashion, the end product or the aesthetic. In the future, we’ll hopefully be taking a deeper look at Durkl’s process and bringing you a more intimate perspective into the mentality behind this brand and collection.

In the meantime, shout-outs to Malcolm for the warm welcome and dialogue, and the whole Durkl family for bringing a DC take to workwear and streetwear. Big ups guys, and we are killin’ em with that denim camper cap. Hit up the Durkl shop if you’re in the area for some fine handmade goods.


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