Josh Keyes: The Magician’s Garden opening

Josh Keyes Writhing – 30″x40″

Josh Keyes’ The Magician Garden opened at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco last night. This body of work deals closely with the hybridizations presented from genetically modified natural organisms, and as a political discourse toward the power and sway that artificiality has on nature. From Fecal Face dot Gallery:

The four new paintings and graphite drawings I am working on for the show touch in a satirical way on the delicate and controversial subject of genetically enhanced and modified plants and organisms. The subject raises serious issues about the long term implications of corporate modified products intended to both enhance and streamline products designated for mass consumption. Monsanto along with other companies are producing both products and organisms that have already been introduced into the environment and are causing major disturbances in ecosystems worldwide. (Source: FFDG)

Josh Keyes Waking – 30″x40″

Some really interesting works. Keyes did an interview with Fecal Face dot Com about a week before the opening of The Magician’s Garden, going in depth about the genesis of these works and the underlying thoughts and frameworks.

Getting back to the point, in reality the world will die with the sun, I am sure by then we will have found another planet or two to call our new home. In the meantime, with the environmental crisis escalating and civil wars breaking out all over it feels like the world is having a mid life crisis. This could just be the fact that the Internet and viral sharing of information is at a level the world has never seen or witnessed before. (source: FFDC)

Close up of Writhing – 30″x40″

We aren’t trying to be snobs at all, but you can definitely tell that Keyes has some academic and theoretical groundwork. The complexity and details in these pieces are what really point to both technical skill, outstanding “selections” of subject matter. The naturalism juxtaposed with the unnatural really shocks the eye.

Excellent work, Mr. Keyes and we are with you in your musings on the state of our natural environment. Magician’s Garden will be running until April 30, and we encourage you to check it out if you’re in the Bay area.


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