Safwat Saleem’s Bunch of Crock

source: Beautiful/Decay

Safwat Saleem retaliates with these beautiful full-color prints featuring some of the hypocrisies and faux-pragmatism that seem to be plaguing our national and state-based decision making. With the recent government shutdown and subsequent joblessness of some 600,000 federal employees looming overhead, DC is currently in a particularly agitated state. Humorously blunt, but depressingly truthful, these prints combine the pop, post-impressionist, commercial (and now Internet meme) aesthetic with simple, accurate rhetoric.

source: Beautiful/Decay

From Beautiful/Decay:

Bunch of Crock project is a response to the current public discourse and the political landscape in the US. Being a Pakistani immigrant living in Arizona, Safwat has been inspired by both by his location and his experiences as an immigrant…

Big ups man, this is modern McCarthyism at its best. Check out Saleem’s work here.


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