Preview: Ichico[blog] Interview

source: Ichicoblog

You might remember a few Flickr Fridays back we looked at some beautiful imagery captured by Ichico from his cyclocross exploits in the Japanese circuits. Besides showing off that beautiful Indy Fab steel planet cross (dirty and clean), Ichico’s photography skill are top notch.

Naturally we hit him up for a little context on the cyclocross scene in Japan, as it is veritably exploding in the northeast US and west coast within the last few years. What was once a winter training regimen with roots in northern Europe is now one of most highly anticipated two months of mud, grime and inevitable drivetrain overhauls in the states.

source: Ichicoblog

You gotta love the steez dripping off this picture. Going hard on carbon tubulars is basically why we started racing in the first place. Anyway, here’s a little sneak peak of what’s to come as we get the lowdown on Japanese cyclocross- the scene, the terrain, the gear, the circuits and the photos- straight from the mouth of Ichico himself.

Tonight he sent us a little sneak peak, jerseys featuring some of Japan’s greatest animation studios… recognize any of these, Superflat fans?

source: Ichico

Interview coming soon. Thanks a lot man, and our condolences and well wishes to Japan after this terrible disaster.


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