Tyler the Creator x The Drone

Tyler, spittin some truth about his take on the rap game, and it really does make you feel good about the next generation of rappers. Yes, there’s something to be said about their meteoric rise in the past months, but it’s because you can’t say no to fresh approaches to a game that’s still seemingly “defined” by remembering and constantly redefining your roots. Getting on our soapbox for second here…

Rap is so highly story and narrative driven that more and more, lyrical capability will not be king. The reason that OFWGKTA is gaining traction is a combination of several factors including the fact that they’re putting this mindset of haphazard or “inevitable” objectification of women, or success, or hating on its head. Show, don’t tell is the name of the game here. If you bottle yourself into talking about the “come-up,” the sudden success, that dichotomy between rich and poor, the block and the loft- after a while, what else can you really move on to? Honestly, we don’t give a shit about how many Maybachs you have.

OFWGKTA, keeping it fresh, and keeping it real. Progression doesn’t equal forgetting your past, but rather it’s building a perspective, building a narrative. We need more interviews that dig deep like this.


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