Yoko K sound session

DC-based, Japanese born electronic artist and composer Yoko K graced us with a re-rendition of her Swarthmore residency try-out, growing the original five-minute melange into a full-blown organic symphony… forget it, just watch this:

Yoko’s Ted performance, Organic Electronica: Elixer of Harmony, oddly has one of the most fitting titles for this species of music. Being narrative-driven, it inverts typical song layouts through a specialized mode of story-telling or describing “journeys.”

Yoko discussing some of the finer points of her sound and process, including her “awakening” to electronic music creation, her commitment to producing music, and some of her recent successes and influences, ranging from traditional Japanese dance forms, to avant-garde art and music movements.

Yoko is preparing for her second album’s release; in the meantime, find some time in the day to enjoy some mind-melting musical journeys. Wonderful musician and just a forward-thinking, sweet-demeanored individual in general.

She’ll also be accompanying Naoko Maeshiba and Yoko Kamitani for Modernity Stripped Bare at The Art Gallery via the¬†University of Maryland on April 22.


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