Ricoh Roll 3: ElefantEar sound session redux

Unwinding in style with beers and a little studio session complements of Elefant Ear. After our batteries on the digital ran out, we grabbed a few snaps with the Ricoh as Yohan, Wes and Nick were wrapping up last Friday.

Sam from across the hall… just swaggin.

Nick and Yohan, hard at work, haha.

Out of nowhere these guys have random collections of ceremonial masks.

We got this roll developed at CVS rather than our usual Penn Camera. Partially just to see the difference, and partially because well, there’s one about two block away from us, as opposed to making the trek to K St. In all honesty, these shots came out kind of warmer than expected, with a higher saturation of oranges, reds and yellows. Also, our shots were kind of shitty this round, so maybe a real comparison can only be gained from some side-by-side comparison. You be the judge.

Once again, check out ElefantEar for some fresh hip hop/R&B. Also, don’t forget to hit the daily reel for some more pics.

Previously: ElefantEar Sound Session


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