Kehinde Wiley’s The World Stage: Israel


Kehinde Wiley continues to keep us guessing with his newest exhibit opening on April 9th at Roberts and Tilton in LA entitled The World Stage: Israel, which stemmed from the artist’s recent trip to the Middle East and providing a first hand artistic commentary on globalization.

source: Kehinde Wiley

Wiley is known for these large, proud photographic subjects from varying neighborhoods around the world and blends traditional “master painter” style with that cross-hybridization of unique subject matter and interwoven style elements. The result are eerily powerful pieces that are almost “grown” out of the original photographs. In his words:

After a while…I started to see certain patterns emerge, patterns such as ways of dressing, patterns of speech, a type of post-black urban sensibility that supersedes race, that supersedes tribal group. It is, in many ways, something to do with class affiliation. The positioning of Israel within The World Stage series is crucial and key in understanding the project given that each country is selected for its unique political and social importance in the world arena in the year 2011…

(source: official press release)

…The work included in The World Stage: Israel specifically concentrates on contemporary Israeli youth culture utilizing discotheques, malls, bars, and sporting venues as locations to scout participants. All of the models come from a full range of ethnic and social backgrounds. In addition, the work relies heavily upon a desire to see the decorative traditions that have come out of Israel, historically juxtaposed with some of the more contemporary modes of national and personal expression. (source: official press release)

It’s the regality of the subject that draws us to these pieces. If you’re in the area, make sure to check it out at Roberts and Tilton, the exhibition will run through May 28th.

via Juxtapoz.


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