On Repeat: The Weeknd’s House of Balloons Mixtape

Our first entry in a new column dedicated to a variety of songs/mixtapes/albums that we’ll inevitably come to hate after a few hundred loops…

Before we launch into how often you hear Beach House sampled R&B or dulcet tones mixed with expletive-defining emotion, just know that this new column (that we conceived while cruising on The Party and the After Party) is dedicated not to newest of the new, but rather to those sonic hooks that sink into your ear canal and put you in a situation where all you can do is put that joint on repeat.

source: the weeknd tumblr

What hasn’t already been said about this mixtape (besides the fact you’ve probably never heard an R&B sample of Master of none)? The elusive Canadian R&B artist, recently revealed as Abel Tasfaye, dropped House of Balloons in early 2011 with an often repeated “Drake-cosign.” F*ck it though, as important as connections are in the rap game, with all due respect, this aesthetic, this sound is a bird of another feather. The reclusive, monochromatic images that are brought to us by Abel both in his media and music perfectly sync with these enigmatic, emotional and honest tracks. Wicked Games is a classic.

Abel, We appreciate the sincerity. Download the mixtape here.


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