Introspective with Greg Chapman of Schott NYC

screenshot courtesy of We Are Not Pilgrims
screenshot courtesy of We Are Not Pilgrims

This short interview by William Yan of We Are Not Pilgrims and Schott NYC creative director (and brit) Greg Chapman is dope. We make the distinction only because moving forward with iconic names doesn’t follow tradition or hierarchy. Schott is the pioneer of the original zippered motorcycle jacket, the Perfecto, practically an American mainstay since its introduction in 1913.

Marlon Brando and the original Perfecto (source:unknown)

Schott straddles a line between form and function, and many of the designs shown in its production warehouse are reminiscent of a shredded cutting board than a design studio, a far cry from perhaps high or street fashion. Still, you can tell there is a distinct fashion-centric approach with careful selection of patterns and fabrics and nods to previous generations of garment making.

We feel like this kind of embodies American style, a throwback in usability/function and also aesthetic. Ennui is no fashion mag, but we appreciate good style and functionality.


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