Blog Push: The Norse Photo


We’re all fans of Prolly is not Probably, whether you know it or not. His new Tumblr explores his photos and media in a way that we at Ennui have come to really enjoy, through our own daily reel. John is only including 35mm film, which adds that “photo album” quality to the content, adding a time and narrative element to photos that wouldn’t fit in a news context or framing.


In his words:

It’s a random photo dump of some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken for Prolly is Not Probably. Right now it’s not so random but I’ll try to pull up some old ones every once and a while. Think of it as another source for content that might not be 100% bike related and also photos that I don’t think are appropriate for the front page.


From giving us the low down on cycling news, to now continually pulling out a narrative from the content is awesome: giving us a little slice of life. Really diggin’ this move, and definitely hit up The Norse Photo on Tumblr for fresh content.



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